About W.I.M.S.

Only labor’s strength can defeat COVID Capitalism: Solidarity with front-line workers everywhere!

Why Is Mom Striking? is a children’s storybook series documenting experiences of working class families in the U.S. Labor movement. The purpose of the project is to engage theories of class struggle in children’s literature by stimulating conversations about rank-and-file work within union parents and their children.

This page is meant for updates, credits, and related happenings. Donations are always appreciated to sustain this project– your contributions ensure that free copies can be given to trade unions and working class organizations. Thank you for visiting!

If interested in free copies for your union local or working-class organization, you can contact me at whyismomstriking@protonmail.com OR leave a message at the bottom of this page. I am committed to making sure W.I.M.S. is as accessible as possible. If you’re unable to contribute to the fund at this time but you would still like copies for your family, I am more than happy to send them your way.

Solidarity forever,